Jack Howley Examines How Businesses Save Money

Business Finances

Financial planning is a necessary part of starting any business. According to Jack Howley, this can include budgeting, accounting, tax planning, and risk assessment. A proper analysis should consist of a variety of factors to help save the business money.

How To Save Money

Saving money can be done through multiple channels. Depending on the department, there are specific methods used to conserve expenses. Jack Howley believes that saving money is as important as making money. Especially in the beginning.

Cut Online Cost

Since many businesses choose to operate online, many services have increased their price. Although overhead costs like rent and physical upkeep are not necessary, marketing and websites are essential.


Marketing departments have significantly changed throughout the past decade. With new technological advancements, the internet has created a new sector. Although new marketing systems may be difficult to understand, this new technology can be learned quickly. It can also save money.

Use Independent Contractors

Independent contractors can save money in multiple ways. Since contractors are paid for an independent job, the production of work can be achieved at a faster rate. Employees paid by the hour may not understand the complexities of a project with the same amount of detail.

Pay Yourself Accordingly

There is more than one way to accumulate money from a business. Paying yourself from the business is typically done one of two ways. Business owners can pay themselves a salary or an owner’s draw. Either method will help cut down on cost.

The Type of Business Matters

Depending on the type of business, an entrepreneur may have varying resources available. Small businesses, for instance, are measured by a specific number of employees. A small business can be well known and does not indicate how many customers or clients are involved.

Implement Necessary Software

Investing in new technology can save time and money. Advanced software programs can now help business owners improve inventory accuracy as well as communication efforts and tracking. Certain software can even be used to optimize the payroll service.


There’s a lot of room for businesses to save money. Depending on the individual, certain business owners may qualify for minority benefits or local grants. An experienced professional with knowledge of multiple financial facets can help partners, groups, or individuals succeed.



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Jack Howley

Jack Howley

Entrepreneur and expert in assisting corporations and individuals in meeting their wealth creation and protection objectives. Located in Rumson, New Jersey.