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Networking is one of the most important pursuits that can be undertaken by someone who works in the business field. When people participate in many networking activities, they can build personal relationships with colleagues and mentors, strengthening their connections and providing themselves with sources of help and support for the future.

Jack Howley, a seasoned entrepreneur from Naples, Florida, explains the top reasons why networking is so important for all business professionals and gives six important tips on how to expand your sphere of influence.

Networking Helps People Find Jobs

One of the primary functions of networking is helping people explore possibilities for future employment…

Financial engineering is a topic that many people never talk about outside of professional circles. It is usually only reserved for the most financially savvy people in the industry. In fact, this is the degree that is quite popular for people working on Wall Street. However, there are many strategies you can use from financial engineering to get a better handle on your personal finances. These strategies can help you truly make a difference, which could help you achieve your financial goals in the present or future.

The key is to understand what financial engineering is, allowing you to see…

When planning for retirement, many people understand that they should put more money into savings and diversify their portfolios. These relatively small moves can make a huge difference in whether a person saves enough for retirement, but often they are not enough to ensure that they can keep an equitable standard of living.

Retirement planning may require a fresh approach. Understanding macroeconomic considerations could help future retirees allocate their investments properly and maximize their chances of living a comfortable lifestyle.

Jack Howley, a well-known personal and corporate wealth protection advisor and entrepreneur, examines how macroeconomic concerns can affect a person’s…

Jack Howley

Entrepreneur and expert in assisting corporations and individuals in meeting their wealth creation and protection objectives. Located in Rumson, New Jersey.

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